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Metcon (Weight)

EMOM 28 (4 Rounds)

Minute 1) Prowler x 32 yd

Minute 2) Pushups/Dips x 10

Minute 3) Wall Ball x 15

Minute 4) Rope Climb x 1-2

Minute 5) Single Arm Farmers Walk x :30-:40 (1.5/1)

Minute 6) Single Arm Farmers Walk x :30-:40

Minute 7) REST
Record PROWLER weight

*Also include details of press work in notes section

**Wear some long socks and pants if you plan on climbing the rope


Wall Balls x 20

2/1.5 Kb for the carry

Notes on Today:

PROWLER: While the prowler weight is up to you today, please do not make it impossible to rotate weights with the individuals following you on the prowler. You should all have a pretty good idea by this point what sort of weight you are working around. I would plan to make a 10-20lb jump on to what you have been using.

PUSHUPS/DIPS: As with any bodyweight movement I am looking for some serious control and tempo to challenge yourselves for 10 reps. This does not to be unbroken, but would like to see it done in 1-2 sets every round.

WALLBALLS: ………unbroken

ROPE CLIMB: We will review at the beginning of class, and please do not panic there are many modifications for people of all abilities

SINGLE ARM CARRIES: Along with deadlifting, this is arguably one of the most practical things you can do in the gym. Excellent torso strengthening, along with grip and upper back.

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