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Deadlift (1 x 5 )

Post 5-Rep Weight

Slowly work your way up on some deadlifts today, making sure to only load these as long as you can execute the movement properly. This is not simply a test to see how much weight you can lift from the ground. Please utilize myself and the other coaches around to keep an eye on some of your heavier build up sets.

** Superset with HSPU**

RX+ : Hit 3-4 sets for as many reps as possible (Ideally 10+/set)

RX : 3-4 x 5-10 ( the 5-10 do not need to be unbroken)

Scaled: Kipping Progression, Strict HSPU, or Handstand Practice


Metcon (Weight)

Every 6:00 – 4 Rounds

Prowler x 32 yards (215/165)

Deadlift x 5 (80% part A)

Pushup x 15/10

Pull Aparts x 10


Post Deadlift weight used

These are simply some back down sets of deadlifts with some volume work thrown in. Each round begin on the prowler with a down and back push that should be under :30 seconds each round. From there make your way through the work focusing on the quality at which you accumulate reps, you will have plenty off time to complete each round. Try to move from one movement to the next with little rest, and allowing yourself to recover at the end of each round. You are not rewarded for going fast through this one, so please do not sacrifice quality for speed.

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