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Complex: 2 Front Squat + 2 Push Jerk (3-4 x 1 round of complex)

This can be taken from the rack. Perform two front squats followed by two reps of push jerks, you may rest in the front rack position but the bar may not go back to the rack.

Looking for 3-4 challenging sets here. If you hit your “heavy” early on, then drop some weight off to complete the remainder of your sets. Please error on the side of caution with the unkown of whats coming on Friday. Use today as a recovery day and work at an easier % of what you are capable of.


Metcon (Calories)

Every 5:00 – 4 rounds

Bike x :45

Wall Ball x 12

Situps x 15

DB Row x 20 (10/arm)


Wall ball x 15

GHD Situps x 10
Record TOTAL Calories on the Bike

And post DB weight in notes

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