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Handstand Push-ups (See Descrpition)

Post TOTAL reps completed (looking for consistency)

If you did this when we did it back in December, build on it. Hoping everyone can end up with a few more reps completed at the end of the 12 minutes.


Scaled: 1-2 Wall Walks

RX: 1-5 HSPU

RX+: 1-5 Deficit HSPU

Quality > Quantity

Make this your own. You may complete RX or RX+ with kipping or strict reps. Don’t want too much over 5 reps each minute just so we keep volume under control. Make reps more challenging by controlling your descent, this is not for time, so don’t slop through it.


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds

15/12 Cal Row

10 Single DB Sh-2-OH (50/35)(5/Arm)

10 Toes To Bar
Post TOTAL time


Grab a heavier DB (60/40)?

Speak Your Mind


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