25 March 2021

CrossFit North Reston – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds

:30 Bike

:30 Couch Stretch

:30 Pigeon Stretch

:30 Active Bar Hang


3 Rounds

12 Walking Lunges

20 Double Unders


Metcon (Calories)


Min 1) :40 Bike (Calories)

Min 2) 10 Burpees / 15 Wall Balls

Min 3) 40 Double Unders

Min 4) Plank x :60 OR Skill Practice

Min 5) Rest
Record total bike calories

Long steady state cardio piece today. We can adjust each minute of work to better fit everyone. Alternate rounds on minute 2 hitting either burpees or wall balls. Also use that 4th/5th minute to either work on planking or on a skill that you need some more practice on (very well could see toes to bar or pull up variations tomorrow…..).

Last week of the regular open is this Friday (workout is announced at 3pm today). PLEASE everyone come out and support at 5:30pm Friday night!

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