Our Story

Back in 2007-08,  and after suffering stress fractures while running long distances and training for marathons, Todd Katz was encouraged by one of his friends to try CrossFit for purposes of getting stronger and adding bone density.  Todd tried it, liked it, researched it, became immersed in it, and decided that he wanted to share his knowledge.  He got his Level I certification to be a CrossFit trainer and he began to coach CrossFit on Saturday mornings in a parking lot in Reston.  His wife Melissa joined him, as did some of his friends.  Soon, he was joined over the course of time by his training buddies, more friends, and his neighbors,  and before long his group of a few turned into many.  When the weather became cold, this group, who needed their CrossFit fix, followed Todd and now Melissa to the new work out location — the Katz’s garage.  Todd converted his three car garage into his very first “box.”   It was amazing how many people fit into this small space, working out closely together, lifting dumbbells, rowing, using wallballs, doing pull ups, ab mat sit ups, push ups, and having fun.  When the blizzards of February 2010 hit, and his friends battled the snow drifts to come work out, Todd knew that his passion for CrossFit had become viral.  In March 2010, he opened his first official box in Chantilly, Virginia — Hammer Down CrossFit and moved to a bigger space in June 2013.   Tom Roth joined the Hammer Down bunch shortly after Hammer Down opened and became a coach and mainstay of Hammer Down.  Tom became equally passionate about CrossFit as did Todd’s wife Melissa.

As time marched on, Todd realized that the Reston community needed its own box, and in June 2014, CrossFit North Reston opened up its doors with the goal of getting people fitter, stronger, and better.   Todd joined forces with Melissa and Tom to operate CrossFit North Reston.   Their objective is to build a community of  individuals who are focused on reaching their best through physical fitness, sound nutrition, and a sense of community.        31 Heroes

Coach Todd and the ladies at 9:30 a.m.


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