08 July 2021

CrossFit North Reston – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

1 Round

Cat/Cow x 10

Childs Pose x :30

Cobra Pose x :30

Spiderman Lunge Hold (w/reach) x 6/side

Air Squats x 10

2 Rounds

Barbell Good Morning x 6

Barbell Back Squat x 6

Wall Slide x 10

Inchworm into Pushup x 6


Back Squat (4 x 3 @80%)

Record weight used

This percentage should be based off of your 2-rep from last week.

Take plenty of time between sets. Complete them to the absolute best of your ability.

Push Jerk (4 x 4 @80%)

Record weight used

Same rules apply from the back squat.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Every 2:30 x 5 Sets

8-12 Tempo Deficit Push-ups (:03 Eccentric)

Alt Single Leg V-Ups x 16 (8/Side)
Record total pushups

Quality >>>>>Quantity

Everyone needs to select a challenging pushup variation with as big a range of motion as possible. Deficit will be the go-to for most of you, but still need to be hitting a target every rep.

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