17 February 2022

CrossFit North Reston – CrossFit



Hang Power Clean (2 x 6, 2 x 4, 2 x 2 Building)

Record heaviest weight

Follow Structure:

Every 3:00 x 6 Rounds

Run 200m

Hang Power Clean x 6/6/4/4/2/2


Warm enough to get everyone outside today. Should have plenmty of time to execute to heavy cleans today. Please remember to RECORD.


Back Squat (3 x 6 Building)

Record BEST set

Continuing on our back squat cycle. This is our first week of 6’s. Refer back to the last 4 weeks (we have hit two weeks of 10’s and two weeks of 8’s). Everyone should be handling heavier weights today.

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