23 February 2021

CrossFit North Reston – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds

T-Spine Extension x 10

Cat/Cow x 10

Lat Stretch x :30

PVC Pass Through x 10


2 Rounds

Snatch Grip RDL x 5

Hang Power Snatch x 5

Snatch Balance x 5 (as deep as you can go into OHS)


Metcon (Weight)

4 Sets

Snatch Complex


1 Hang Power Snatch

1 Power Snatch

1 Overhead Squat
Record heaviest weight used

For the OHS, I know many are not able to go full depth. For this movement, just descend as deep as you can still maintain good position.


Metcon (Time)

Every 2:30 x 6 Rounds

6 Alt DB Snatch (3/arm)

6 Burpee Box Jump

6 Toes to Bar

24 Double Unders
Record time for slowest round

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