24 September 2021

CrossFit North Reston – CrossFit


Metcon (Weight)

Build to a Heavy Shoulder Complex

2 Strict Press


3 Push Press


4 Push Jerk
Record heaviest weight

Bar should not return to the floor or rack nefore completing all strict press, push press, and push jerk reps. Everyone will be limited in what you can strict press, but make sure to keep everything else clean.

Couple reminders:

1.) Strict Press does not allow any dipping at the knee. It’s ALL shoulders.

2.) Push Press does allow a knee dip to drive the bar up , BUT you are not allowed to dip under the bar after that initial dip.

3.) Push Jerks allow a dip at the drive phase AND a dip under the bar. Making this the most skillful movement, but also the one that allows you to lift the most as well.


Metcon (Time)

Complete 200 Reps in any rep scheme or order you like using only these 3 movements:

Rowing Calories


Record total time

(And strategy in notes)

Slightly different twist on the workout today. You will choose your path today.

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