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1 Burpee for every dollar raised for the Australian Red Cross by 7am on Saturday, January 25th!

In Wodify, enter the time it took your group to complete the total number of burpees.

Today is the day we get to thank all of our generous donors!

Depending on the amount of money raised, we’ll figure out a good group size to get that number of burpees completed (ex. If we raise $500, a group of 4 or 5 would work to get all 500 burpees done for that group).

Thank you for all of your efforts in raising money for this The Australian Red Cross to help our friends in Australia fight and recover from the brutal bushfires that are currently wreaking havoc across their homeland.

The ability to donate doesn’t stop here! We’ll keep the Go Fund Me page open for another week (at least). Please share photos and videos on social media and provide a donation link. Make people recognize all the hard work you’re going to put in today!

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